METRO Cash & Carry-Großmärkten

The self-service wholesaler METRO Cash & Carry Germany has joined forces with us to introduce self-payment terminals that significantly reduce waiting times at the checkouts.

Short description

The new payment stations are based on the self-payment terminals skeye.quickpay.

The devices were specially adapted to the needs of METRO Cash & Carry and extended with additional functions.

The constant availability of self-payment terminals is a top priority for METRO Cash & Carry.

The service concept for the terminals is well thought out. If a device fails, the entire hardware is simply replaced. The terminal housing can be opened in two simple steps, the computer unit and all hardware can be replaced. “After replacement and connection to the mains, the device goes into operation independently,” explains Jan-Christian Engelbrecht. “It automatically fetches the current software version from a central server of the wholesale market and is ready for use within two minutes at the latest. Software conflicts are excluded from the outset. The handling is very simple and therefore to be carried out without specialist knowledge of employees of the wholesale markets.”

Technical specifications

Hardware: skeye.quickpay

The terminal in the METRO Cash & Carry wholesale stores is similar to a classic ATM.

It mainly includes a large touchscreen that lets customers choose between the various Payment types and a signature pad. The printer integrated in the self-payment terminal ensures the printing of the invoice in DIN A4 format, which is relevant for the professional customers of the wholesaler.

Success Stories

“All customers benefit from faster processing, whether they pay by debit, credit card or cash,” says the head of IT, summarizing the success of the project.

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