Kreisverkehr Schwäbisch Hall

Driver-operated ticket sales devices in the buses of Kreisverkehr Schwäbisch Hall including check-in / check-out in accordance with VDV-KA (eTicketing).

Short description

In close cooperation with Kreisverkehr Schwäbisch Hall  (KVSH), Germany’s first eTicket project was implemented in accordance with the VDV-KA. With 250 ALMEX optima bus printers and ALMEX smartFare entry  control systems (validators), KVSH operates a modern and customer-friendly check-in / check-out system (CiCo). The interoperable system allows the use of eTickets across all networks in Schwäbisch Hall, Heilbronn (HNV) and Ostalbkreis (OAK).

In a further expansion of the system, an RBL / ITCS real-time system with connection to the NVBW data hub has been introduced.

Facts and Figures:

250 ALMEX optima BL and R5 incl. backoffice system ALMEX office as well as ALMEX smartFare validators.

Success Stories

“We have been working together with ALMEX for many decades. More than 10 years ago, we introduced together with ALMEX the electronic ticket in accordance with the VDV standard. Right now we are walking the common path towards real time. Thanks for the good cooperation. ”

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