Hannover March 28th, 2019

On March 28th, 2019 our FUTURE DAY for children and adolescents (from 5th grade onwards) took place for the first time at our new location. In total, six children of our colleagues took the opportunity to inform themselves about the professions that are practiced and trained at ALMEX. Of course, they were looking forward to it and were curious to get to know their parents’ workplace as well.

After a small theoretical introduction, we were able to look over the shoulders of a number of staff members during a joint factory tour. Among other things, the “employees of tomorrow” received an introduction to the work in software development, incoming goods, prototype construction and product design. At the end of the tour, everyone could bend a piece of sheet metal on a metal bending machine.

Strengthened after lunch break, we welcomed our guest from Naturschutzbund (Nature Conservation Union), Dr. Monika Gharib. She explained to the children the importance of preserving biotopes in the city and participated in our future project “Creating a Wildflower Meadow”. Each participant built an insect hotel, which we then jointly mounted on our lawn next to the warehouse. Finally, the wildflower meadow was sown. Thus, on this special day, the children were not only given an insight into the future of education and professional life, but they actively participated in preserving our environment as a fundamental prerequisite for the future of humanity. It was a great experience for everyone.